About Us

About Us

The Azer Approach

At Azer, we are uniquely positioned as a full-service IP agent that is fully integrated with other practices. As today’s economy transcends national borders, we offer comprehensive assistance in key business centers around the world. This global capability encompasses a large team of IP practitioners, located throughout a wide array of jurisdictions, to help us meet your, our clients’, worldwide IP needs.


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Team Members

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What We Do

To commence our interaction, we offer our clients an IP review. During the review, we will work with you.

  • To identify any IP assets that you may have.
  • Identify what activities you engage in that are governed by IP laws; and
  • Provide suggestions on how you can maximize the value of your IP assets and/or change your business processes to best comply with the relevant governing IP laws.

Azer will help ensure that your important IP assets receive the strongest available protection, stop others from using your IP, help license your IP, and more. Contact us today for an IP review.

Our Team

To commence our interaction, we offer our clients an IP review. During the review, we will work with you.

  • Guide you from the conception of your idea to the protection, enforcement and commercialization of your patents and designs.
  • Provide cost effective advice to you, our client, on the acquisition, exploitation, use and enforcement of IP rights across a wide array of jurisdictions.
  • Help you protect your investments, increase your market share and strengthen your competitive advantage.
  • Support you as a true interactive partner. We have the unique advantage, of being able to harness the expertise of practitioners throughout several jurisdictions.

The Azer team is ready to support your organization and give you the peace of mind knowing that your intellectual property is in capable and competent hands. To learn more about the benefits of our IP service offerings, please contact us.

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